24 March 2010

Time to put my money where my mouth is (or at least where my fingers are)

In previous posts I have talked about such topics as "Detachment" and "Obedience". Well now I get to practice both!

We Cistercians have a visitation from our Father Immediate or his delegate once every couple of years. This year was our year for it. As a postulant I did not get an opportunity to read the Visitation Card, but one of the things it apparently "suggested" is that I "refrain" from blogging during my novitiate.

Well the novitiate begins tomorrow. And so, for a while, my blogging ends.

I hope you continue to pray for me as I continue on My Journey. If at all possible, I will try to coax a professed member of the community to make the occasional posting on vocation discernment.

There might be the possibility of slight technical glitch tomorrow in which pictures of me after my clothing get posted. Don't you just hate when the computers foul-up like that.

God's Blessing and Peace to you all!
Please keep me in your prayers.

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