16 March 2010

Hereford Cathedral

Everybody should go to Hereford Cathedral. It is beautiful. It is the home to the 13th Century Mappa Mundi (Map of the World) and the Chain Library. And it holds an even greater treasure. Hospitality. Not just the "Have a nice day" stuff, but genuine hospitality. The staff there want to make sure you enjoy your visit.

AND ENTERANCE IS FREE!!! With begrudging understanding, most big Anglican churches have an entrance fee when a worship service is not going on. Not at Hereford. God Bless them.

If you have the opportunity, attend the Choral Evensong. One can even sit in the quire (choir) and follow along with the choristers.

The city of Hereford is beautiful, as well. It truly is worth a visit.

Mediaeval Madonna and Child

Interior shot of the Norman Arcade

The Cathedral Church of St. Mary the Virgin and St. Ethelbert the King is situated near the banks of the River Wye.

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